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Spring fresh stone countertops with

YOUR CHOICE OF FREE $500 upgrade.

Refresh, renew, remodel with sparkling new quartz, granite, quartzite, marble or porcelain. Plus, free upgrade worth $500 through 5/31/23.

Pick your FREE $500 upgrade!

free sink
free edge
free layout

To add value, add stone from Hard Rock Stone Works.

Absolutely nothing holds its value better than stone especially if its been sealed, crafted and styled by Hard Rock Stone Works. Our fabricating process is truly one-of-a-kind, including:

  • Finest quality graded stone (yes, raw material matters!)
  • High performance proprietary sealers and protectants
  • Masterful stone cutting with experienced Stone Specialists using state-of-the-art tools

The result is the only stone countertop you want in your home:
one that is beautiful now AND YEARS FROM NOW.

Restrictions apply, please ask your Stone Specialist for details.