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The Pros of Porcelain

Monday, March 25, 2019
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When it comes to picking a material for your new countertops, the options are virtually endless. One material that may not be on your radar? Porcelain. Often thought of like a bathtub and commode material, porcelain is picking up steam in tile and slab form, popping up in kitchens and bathrooms at a rapid pace. Learn more about the material in general as well as some of the pros and cons below.

Porcelain: A Profile

Porcelain is a ceramic material made from heating elements (generally kaolin) in a kiln at high temperatures resulting in a durable and impermeable substance. While porcelain probably brings connotations of bathtubs and toilets, your bathtub is more than likely not made of porcelain but rather a vitreous enamel (fun fact!) however because it is impermeable, commodes have been made from porcelain since the 17th century. Porcelain is manufactured across the globe including Europe, South America, and Asia. When it comes to being used as a building material, porcelain comes in slabs or tiles and is notoriously thin- so thin in fact that it can actually be laid over your existing countertops. Available in a wide variety of colors, there is bound to be a porcelain slab to match everyone’s taste and design aesthetic. Porcelain countertops will typically run you between $60-$100 a square foot, making the material an affordable alternative for your remodel.

The Pros:

Durable. Porcelain is incredibly durable as a countertop material. Scratch and chip-resistant, this could be the material for you if you have little ones at home or find yourself being less than graceful in the kitchen.

Stain and acid-resistant. While stains may seem like a given kitchen conundrum to tackle, acid is a villain lurking in the background. Because of its impermeable nature, porcelain can resist not only stains but acids from foods and kitchen cleaners.

Looking for something low maintenance? You just found it. Hygienic and naturally bacteria resistant. There is a reason that porcelain has been the material of choice for potty production for centuries- because of its non-porous nature, porcelain is naturally resistant to germs and is an incredibly hygienic countertop choice.

The Cons:

We don’t get to say this often but...there are virtually no disadvantages to choosing porcelain as a countertop choice. It may get costly if you have a large space you are looking to cover but because of its durability, the ROI of porcelain is well worth the initial investment.

Still unsure if porcelain may be the right pick for you? Stop by either of our locations and let one of our experienced professionals guide you through the process.

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