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The Difference Between Cracks & Fissures

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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When purchasing natural stone countertops, knowing the difference between a crack and a fissure can help save yourself from wondering whether your countertop has a natural or unnatural opening. 

Many times in the industry, fabricators will often get calls about cracks in natural stone countertops. However, sometimes these “cracks” are not actually cracks, rather they are fissures, a natural feature of the stone that can resemble a crack. How can you tell the difference between a crack and a fissure? Here’s how:

A crack is a broken piece of countertop that is most of the time, chipped, uneven, and widely separated and is usually the result of man-made stresses. On the other hand, a fissure is a part of the stone that resembles a crack, yet it is a result of natural geological formation or mineral crystallization. However, sometimes a fissure may develop into a crack. In some cases, a fissure can affect the soundness of the stone although it’s rare.

To spot a crack from a fissure there are a few different tests you can perform yourself to help spot the difference. One way to help distinguish between the two is by running your fingernail across your countertop. When running your fingernail across a fissure your nail should glide over it smoothly as a fissure doesn’t change the surface of your stone top. When running your fingernail over a crack, your nail will not glide smoothly as there will be a noticeable unevenness. Another way to tell if you have a crack or fissure is by looking at the stone from a low angle, a crack will have two points of reflection whereas a fissure will have one.

Fissures are naturally occurring in stone and help to add character to your countertop, considering this, nothing should be done about them. If you notice a crack in your countertops, you should get in contact with a trained professional to restore it properly. If you have any questions, give Hard Rock Stone Works a call at (586) 532-7763 to speak with one of our stone specialists.


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