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Why Seal Your Natural Stone Countertops?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
natural stone image

Like many natural stones, granite is porous, meaning it is prone to staining. It is recommended that sealant should be applied to your granite countertops every 5 years to prevent staining from water, oils, and other liquids. When sealed properly, oils and other liquids will bead on top of the countertop rather than seeping into the stone.

Not all-natural stone countertops are as porous as others, some types of stone may need to be sealed more frequently than every 5 years. A great way to test if your countertops are due for sealing is by dribbling a few drops of water on them. If the water beads up, your countertops are still sealed; if the water soaks in, you may want to think about getting them resealed.

Sealing your countertops doesn’t just prevent stains, once your countertops are sealed they become much easier to care for and clean. Not only will your countertop surfaces be easier to clean, but they will be a more hygienic surface, as porous, non-sealed, stone can harbor bacteria in its cracks and crevices. A great way to clean and disinfect your countertops is with our Stone Defender Antibacterial countertop cleaner.

Overall, sealing your natural stone countertops help preserve the natural beauty of your stone, prevent staining, keep your countertops hygienic, make cleaning and up-keep much easier, and helps to prevent etching caused by acidic foods. For more information on how to seal your countertops or for more information on our Stone Defender lifetime warranty and maintenance package, give Hard Rock Stone Works a call at (586) 532-7763 to speak with one of our stone specialists.