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Kitchen Design Trends That Are Dominating 

Thursday, July 14, 2022
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The kitchen has and always will be the integral room in our homes. This couldn't be more true after spending the past couple of years confined inside. This room is the heart of our homes and should dress the part. To help give your space the well-deserved attention and probably makeover it deserves.

So without further adieu, we'll share some new top kitchen trends!  First, and foremost, it's important to decorate all rooms with your personal taste in mind as it is your living space. However, learning the latest trends can offer great ideas on how to refresh your space. 

Pigment-Packed Cabinets
All-white kitchens will always be in but this year has rolled out the red carpet to new colors in the palette. Neutral tones paired with strong accent colors, like deep greens, rich reds, and blues, will continue to be a go-to color scheme for many.  And if you aren't ready to go that bold, an accent-colored island always makes a statement.

New Materials
If lots of colors are not your style, another way to go is the use of natural wood tones, flat door panels, and less hardware.  This style is completed with new stones on the countertops like travertine and quartzite. These sophisticated upgrades are typically clean and straightforward.

Integrated Appliances
Moving right along with the clean look are appliances designed with the intent of fitting flush and seamlessly disappearing into the surrounding cabinetry.  These integrated appliances, especially refrigerators and dishwashers are becoming more popular.  To achieve this streamlined look, the appliances are fitted with custom panels to hide the original appearance. This smooth look provides a modern polished look.

Oversized Large Single Sinks
Focusing more on functionality, today’s kitchens are being designed with large single bowl sinks. Since handwashing dishes isn’t a regular occurrence in households these days, the need for a double bowl sink is less important.  Farmhouse sinks are popular mostly for their large deep sizes, which allows for more comfortable use, and style. These sinks are perfect for larger items such as cookie sheets, stockpots, and skillet handles.  

These deep sinks also lend for a place to quickly store dirty dishes out of sight when unexpected guests pop in for a visit.

And with these sinks, we see an increase in unique and fun faucet designs. A faucet is no longer just a faucet. It can add a pop of style or color to your kitchen. Today, faucets come in all shapes, curves, and twists. Pot filler faucets are mounted on the wall with a long arm that can extend over the cooktop to fill large pots. Others come with unique spray mechanisms while others are embedded with sensors to get water flowing automatically. You can even expect to see designs that look like they came straight from your favorite restaurant.

In recent years, cabinetry has undergone more changes than ever. Changes in tastes combined with advances in technology have made way for a wide variety of styles. The overall trend is towards personalization that is unique.  

If you will be building a new home or planning kitchen renovations, which trends strike your fancy?  Great design elevates everything! While most people have an idea of what they’re looking for, getting that professional level “wow” takes talent, effort, and experience. We know, we’re lucky enough to design stunning, stylish spaces every day.

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