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Natural Stone Flooring

Friday, June 17, 2022
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Natural stone will always be in style with its timeless elegance.  Natural stone will not become outdated as it adds an increase to your home's value.

Natural stone flooring is commonly used to create a sense of space. Its natural properties allow it to catch and reflect the light to create an airy and light feel.

Marble flooring is known for its classic look of luxury, dramatic veining, smooth texture, and high-gloss finish. It comes in a wide variety of colors, although white marble is always the most popular pick.  

Marble tile sizes come in a wide range of sizes from large oversized formats to small mosaic tiles and in just about all shapes.  It is the top choice for natural stone used in bathrooms as it presents the look and feel of a spa.

Given the many floor tile choices, marble is perfectly suited as flooring and countertop material for many homes. Although, marble has a few reasons you may want to think twice about installing marble in the kitchen. It can be more prone to stains and scratching.

Granite tile is superior to all others and has the best natural stone flooring for kitchens. It ranks a 7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it harder and more durable than marble.  It won't scratch, etch, or scorch and stains are not a problem when the granite is sealed. In addition, it's easy to clean and hides dust and grime. 

Granite can also be an excellent paving stone for outdoor use on patios and driveways. 

Travertine is formed by hot spring water that bubbles through limestone. Its unique character and appearance make it an attractive flooring option.  This tile is an ideal flooring material for bathrooms, shower stalls, hallways, living areas, and laundry rooms.  can be scratched and etched (damage to the finish from acids and harsh cleaners). Specific knowledge of proper care and cleaning is necessary.

Keep in mind, that travertine can require a bit more maintenance as a kitchen floor than granite or man-made surfaces like porcelain tile.

Just about everyone will agree that natural stone flooring is one of the best options for homes and commercial spaces. Stone exudes luxury with a style that stands the test of time and durability that far outlasts carpet, wood, or synthetic surfaces.  If you want to explore a natural stone flooring update to your home or commercial building, contact Hard Rock Stone Works, the leaders in stone products at 586-532-7763.