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Ideas for a Spring Kitchen Renovation

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Spring is always a time for reorganizing and thinking about new housing projects that you have been thinking about all winter.  Spring brings new life and can bring the same into your tired kitchen. Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge process. Small updates can still give the feel of a new look to your kitchen without a large budget.  Check out some of our tips to make your spring kitchen renovation quick and easy!

Update Your Kitchen Cabinetry with New Countertops

Are your kitchen cabinets in good shape, but your countertops have seen better days? Update your kitchen countertops to one of our natural stone products like granite or quartz.  Countertops have improved in durability over the years and come in many styles and patterns that are at an affordable price.  Simply measure your kitchen and visit the Estimator-Pro on our website to figure an approximate cost!

Tackle Spring Cleaning and Organization Head-On

Take back the shelves in your kitchen by installing better cabinet storage! Organize your spices, appliances, cleaning products, pots and pans by creating structured storage spaces using a wide variety of products. This will cut down on the digging you have to do to find the right pan or spice deep in your kitchen cabinets. Keep your trash out of sight by using a pullout cabinet system to keep the smells and trash hidden.

Bring Modern Style to Your Sink and Accessories

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be about giant projects. Little changes in your kitchen can help update the look and feel. Hard Rock Stone Works offers a large variety of sinks in both over and unmount styles as well as hundreds of knobs and drawer pulls for every style imaginable.

If your kitchen faucet looks like it is from another decade, installing a new one can bring a modern feel to your sink without a large cost. Want to add a spraying nozzle, but don’t have a spare hole on the sink? Get a faucet with the pullout spray attached and make your sink more user-friendly!

With your new faucet, follow through with a few updates on your cabinets. Changing your knobs and handles can update cabinets with little detailing to the 21st century just by choosing a newer-age style. This spring update takes very little effort but can make a world of difference in how others view your kitchen.

Combining some of these ideas into your spring renovation can make your kitchen functional and breathe new life into an outdated space. Still need a little more inspiration? Hard Rock Stone Works is waiting and willing to help you update your kitchen within your budget!  Give us a call today at 586.788.1993 or reach out to us on our contact form.