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New Year New Room

Thursday, December 16, 2021
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There’s always talk about New Year’s resolutions as well as New Year, New You but how about New Year, New Room?

Maybe this new room should be on top of your resolution list!  At Hard Rock Stone Works, we always think it is a good time to work on the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.  2022 could not be a more perfect time to make it a reality.

Whether you are looking to update the entire room, or just add a few renovations to your space, let us help you find the right ideas for your kitchen or bathroom.  Here are a few reasons for you to call us:


Although everyone tries to declutter, the kitchen is not always an area to do so as we need so many things from the ingredients to the cooking needs.  Well-placed, concealed kitchen storage ideas are perfect for the beauty of our kitchens.

When planning any successful layout factoring in ample space to keep clutter out of sight is always key to making the space work harder for you. Large easy-access storage, such as pan drawers in islands and big-opening larger units for small appliances are key.

Specialty Sinks

If it’s time to update your water appliances, start with your options for faucets or sinks. Not only do new faucets use less water than an old version, if you’re remodeling your kitchen you can get a specialty sink that will also wash your dishes. Using less than 1.6 gallons for every cycle, there are now tiny sink dishwashers that can be loaded up and done quickly and easily. These dishwashers are configured right into or alongside a regularly sized sink but do a very small load of dishes to add convenience to your kitchen routine.

Veined Marble

There’s no renovation that doesn’t become instantly more stylish and classic than one that includes marble. In the upcoming year marble will continue to reign, but with a few nuanced differences.  Instead of more traditionally subtle patterns, veins in marbles are hitting kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. Heavily veined or colored marble has seen an uptick in popularity and can be used on a vanity sink countertop, a kitchen countertop, or even in flooring.

Read more on using marble in the kitchen in our last blog article.

Colorful Cabinetry

Classic Shaker remains the most popular kitchen trend and it seems we are seeing more color than ever before.  Matte-finished doors with an anti-fingerprint finish are highly desirable.

Grey has been the leader in cabinet color but we are now seeing blues and greens that are becoming more popular.

cabinetry hardware selection

Contemporary Handles

Handles add extra pizazz to any cabinet style.   A lot of attention has gone to gold or brass which gives a much more contemporary look.

oversized sink

Supersize Your Sink

When it comes to sinks, large bowls are high on the list.  Although the dishwasher is part of our daily routine, we still need to wash up those larger items. For color and finish, granite and steel sinks are in demand with copper and gold leading the way.  Ceramic sinks are always great for less wear and tear with under-mounted sinks allowing a smooth design.

If you are in the market for a new kitchen or bathroom whether it be a complete overhaul or a few renovations, call the countertop experts at Hard Rock Stone Works.  They offer the best kitchen countertop installation in the Detroit area.  Whether you are in need of countertop repairs or you would like a complete renovation, choosing Hard Rock Stone Works can ensure you will have high-quality workmanship and the best quality of installation for your home.

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