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Make Yourself A Man Cave

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Most guys need a space outside of their garage to call their own.  You’ve all heard of the term “man cave” which is exactly that.  It is a guy’s living space that can be deemed his own and you will know it by its décor.

Modern man caves do not have to be just for leisure activities. They can also serve as a home office or workshop. 

Most guys are in agreement that natural stone is the perfect material for man caves dwellings especially since it is fairly easy to take care of.   On top of the list of natural stones that are most commonly incorporated into a man cave are granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite.

Man Cave Styles

There is no end to the style of a man cave.  Each is unique to its creator although there are some tried and true styles that are quite popular.

The rustic look has been a favorite of the man cave living spaces over the last ten years. Millennials are huge fans.   This rustic space, of course, uses natural materials such as hardwood and stone.  Luxury vinyl is very acceptable as a flooring option.  Although it’s not natural wood, it is very durable and more cost-efficient.  

Another popular look is that of a tavern.  There tends to be more wood paneling and natural stone or cement floors. This style is commonly adorned with ping pong, foosball, or domed hockey games.

And to no one’s surprise, media-style rooms are always at the top of the list.  This usually consists of home theatre systems, dark furniture, a large bar with a granite countertop and backsplash, and a natural stone floor.

If you’ve been thinking about adding some stone to your man cave, granite and other natural stone are great choices to put the finishing touches on your space. Contact Hard Rock Stone Works, the industry leader in stone countertops.  We design, deliver and install custom countertops to all of Detroit and the metropolitan areas.  Call us today at 586-251-0083 for a free estimate or reach out to us on our contact form

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