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Make Your Fire Pit GRANITE

Monday, August 9, 2021
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We have all seen concrete and brick firepits as well as stand-alone metal kinds.  However, a granite fire pit can bring your home’s outdoor seating area up quite a few notches with this natural stone design. Below are many frequently asked questions in relation to granite fire pits to help decide if it’s the right fit for your yard.


Can you use granite for a fire pit?

Granite is an extremely durable material that can be used safely for fire pit designs. It’s a great choice for a fire pit and there are many types of granite that can be used.


Granite blocks, crushed granite, and decomposed granite are all types that can be used in parts of your outdoor fire pit. You can also use more than one type in your design.


Why use granite for a fire pit?

Besides granite being extremely durable, it is also very visually appealing.  It has many custom options as well as a large variety of colors and patterns offered. Along with that, size and shape do not have many limits either. Each piece of granite is so unique that this totally makes your firepit a custom one-of-a-kind piece.


Since granite is a very dense material, it is less likely to absorb any water and explode when heated. Also maintains extremely well being kept outside all or part of the year exposed to rain and other inclement types of weather.


Using granite as material on a fireplace offers other benefits as well. Granite blocks will typically stay cool to the touch when in use so if someone accidentally runs into it, they will not burn themselves.


Granite is very resistant to rusting, cracking, and staining. It also protects your surrounding patio areas from these issues as well, keeping maintenance on this very low. Additionally, granite fireplaces are typically extremely sturdy, meaning the replacement need is also extremely low.


Will fire crack granite?

Granite does not crack under high temperatures. The melting point for dry granite is 1215 to 1260 degrees Celsius (2219 to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit). Fire, at orange to yellow range (which you are most likely to get in a fire pit), is about 1100 degrees Celsius (2012 degrees Fahrenheit).


So, our question to you is why settle for a fire pit that will quickly crack, fade, or break? When you purchase granite from Hard Rock Stone Works, you buy quality. Rest assured that granite will outperform any other material typically used for outdoor firepits.


Why limit the use of beautiful granite slabs to kitchen countertops? We return granite to the outdoors. By casting a spotlight on the beauty of granite, we transform dull backyard spaces into hot backyard get-a-ways.


Granite is the perfect stone material for your custom firepit.   This can put the finishing touch to your perfect outdoor space.  Just remember, your firepit can be used year-round as will be extra durable as well as beautiful when topped with granite!

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