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Expectations for Installation

Monday, June 7, 2021
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Upgrading your home with natural stone countertops can be an exciting project. It is important to understand the installation process so you fully know what to expect when the time comes. Once you have picked your dream material and your kitchen surfaces have been properly measured, the following will be what to expect from your countertops being installed.



When picking out your stone for your new countertops, ask your sales specialist if they will remove your pre-existing countertops as well as disconnect your plumbing and electrical appliances. Luckily, Hard Rock Stone Works offers all of these services, for more information check out our blog “Plan For Plumbing”. Before tear out, it is important that all surfaces of your pre-existing countertops are clear of all appliances, such as: coffee makers, decor, soap dispensers, etc. During this process it is important to realize that you won’t have access to your kitchen for a few hours so you will want to make sure you grab any items from your kitchen that you may need for the day.


Before the tear out crew arrives, it is also important that you create a clear pathway for them allowing them an easy access to the kitchen. You also will want to make sure that any pets or children are kept away from the work area during this time. If you are not using a contractor to coordinate this process, please make sure that faucets, cooktops, sinks, or anything else that is to be in or on the countertops are on-site that day.



The time it takes for each and every installation varies depending on the design, size of project, and material. The amount of time it takes for the installer to complete the installation depends on the complexity of the space the countertop is being installed in as well as the accessibility of it and custom design features such as sink and cooktops cutouts.



There is a typical process for natural stone installation, it starts with slabs being cut by skilled fabricators to fit the pre-taken measurements of your project. This process includes making cutouts for cooktops and undermount sinks as well as creating custom edges. Once this process is complete the cut slabs will be put on your cabinets, leveled, then secured. Seams in the countertop (where two slabs meet) are joined together with epoxy. The joined seam is then smoothed so only a very thin line is visible. Underneath the counter, the stone is secured to the cabinets using silicone.


It is important that cabinets are leveled and secured to either the floor or wall, as they will be supporting the weight of a pretty heavy slab of natural stone. If cabinets are uneven, the installer may need to place shims underneath the countertop to level the surface. If any problem does happen to arise, the installers will have all essential tools required to face any challenge that may occur.


Post Install

Once your natural stone countertops are leveled in place and checked, the installation process is complete. Hard Rock Stone Works does offer services that will reconnect your plumbing as well as install new appliances, check out our “Plan for Plumbing” blog for more information.


The investment going into purchasing natural stone countertops requires a quality, professional installation. Visit one of our showrooms in Sterling Heights or Troy Michigan to further discuss how Hard Rock Stone Works can make your home renovation dreams come true, smooth and stress-free.