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Restoring Your Granite

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
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Although most natural stone countertops such as granite are extremely durable and are not easily damaged, they are prone to chemical damage such as dulling, staining, or etching. Luckily, there are measures you can take to prevent and restore your granite from theses types of chemical damages. 


Simple Fixes

In some cases, you may notice your granite countertops are appearing much duller than the day you got them. The cause of this could be simply a buildup of soap film, the fix for this situation is luckily an easy one. All you will need to do is purchase a good quality soap film remover to restore that shine back to your countertops.

Hard water, high mineral content in the water, can also result in your granite countertops dulling. This is an easy fix as well, as most soap film removers can get rid of dulling from this. However, you may also look for mineral deposit removers that will get your countertops back to looking as good as new.


Mild Fixes

If you've tried soap film remover on your granite tops and they are still appearing dull, you may have some slight etching in your granite. Etching is typically caused by acidic foods or grease stains, making your countertops appear dull. A solution we recommend is to purchase a polishing powder.

When buying a polishing powder, you will want to choose one specifically designed for stone countertops. Most times the powder will require that you mix it with water to create a paste. You will then apply the paste to your granite and polish it with a soft cloth. For cases of stains, the polishing paste may need to be left on overnight. Whenever you are dealing with these products it is always important to read the directions as the can be abrasive.


Major Fixes

Have you tried everything mentioned above but your countertops are still dull? You may want to consider having your granite countertops refinished. Keep in mind, the stone itself is not shiney, the finish is what gives the stone it's shine. In cases where the finsh is completely damaged and cleaning, polishing, and buffing cannot fix it, you will need to have your countertops resurfaced.

When getting your countertops refinished, you should always hire a professional. Contact your installer for information on companies they trust to restore your countertops.


Countertop Upkeep

Once your countertops have been restored, you're going to want to keep them that way! The best way to do this is by occasional care and a proper daily cleaning. Many household cleaners are acidic and can be abrasive. The best way to clean your countertops is by purchasing a daily stone care cleaner such as Hard Rock Stone Works' Stone Defender.

You will also want to avoid getting acidic foods on your countertops, these types of foods include: lemons, limes, alcohol, and tomatoes. If you do happen to spill these foods or liquids on your counter, we recommend you clean it up immediately and dry your countertop thoroughly. Always use cutting boards, coasters, etc. to keep these types of foods off of your granite countertops.

Occasionally, you will want to give your granite a thorough cleaning by using a soap film remover or a mineral buildup remover. You may also want to treat any stains with a polishing powder where needed. It is also recommended that you reseal your countertops on a yearly basis.



Most of the time, countertops are sealed when they are installed. Stone countertops should be resealed yearly to protect them from day-to-day wear and tear. Consult with a Hard Rock Stone Works Stone Specialist for information on getting your countertops resealed properly.