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Chip Minimizer

Monday, May 24, 2021
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What is a Chip Minimizer? Our Chip Minimizer is a rounded edge on the inside perimeter of your sink cutout. This rounded edge reduces the risk of the inner perimeter of your sink chipping. Chips on the inside edge of your sink are quite common and are caused by banging or hitting cookware on the cutout itself.


Our Chip Minimizer gives you the freedom and peace of mind to use your new kitchen without the worry of possibly damaging your new countertop, keeping your sink cutout looking just as good as the day it was installed. The Chip Minimizer also comes with a lifetime chip repair warranty, with the average cost of a chip repair being $250 per incident, the Chip Minimizer practically pays for itself!


It starts with a rounded edge technique proven to reduce chipping. Heavy cookware and a steady stream of dishes can make your sink perimeter particularly vulnerable to chips. Adding Chip Minimizer’s rounded edge reduces chip risk as well as worry. Simply enjoy your beautiful new stone countertops knowing you have the best solution in place not to mention that it also includes a LIFETIME warranty for chip repairs.


The purchase of Chip Minimizer includes our Lifetime Chip Repair Warranty, meaning one of our expert team members at Hard Rock Stone Works will work to repair chips around your kitchen sink perimeter FOR LIFE. Purchase the Chip Minimizer when you order your stone, don’t hesitate! When you’ve decided on your stone, let your stone specialist know you’d like for Chip Minimizer to be added, timing is important on this as Chip Minimizer can not be added after the templating stage.