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Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Countertops

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Is granite or marble better for kitchen countertops?

Traditionally granite is used for kitchen countertops and marble is more often used for bathroom surfaces. Marble scratches easier than granite and when marble comes into contact with substances that are highly acidic – those substances can negatively affect the marble. Granite, on the other hand, is not subject to scratching, etching, or warping and is a great choice when choosing the material for new kitchen countertops.

Can I put hot pans on granite countertops or cut on its surface?

Granite is one of the hardest stone substances in the world and will not be affected by knives or typical kitchen heat. You can expect to have dull knives after only a few uses on this hard stone. Hot pots can be set directly on the granite but be aware that the granite will absorb the heat and be hot to the touch after the pot is removed from the surface.


Can granite countertops be damaged?

Granite is a durable substance that is much harder than marble and can withstand most elements like heat and cold. High impact blows can harm granite can cause it to chip due to its crystallized structure. If not properly sealed, granite can absorb substances, such as oil, which can cause discoloration issues.


Can granite be repaired if damaged?

It is extremely difficult to damage granite, but if it does happen then there are certain ways to fix it. A crack or etch can be can seal with a mixture of ground-up granite and epoxy.

Can granite stain?

Granite does not stain if sealed properly; however, granite, like all stone, is porous to a minimal degree which makes it susceptible to stains if left unsealed. Occasionally, if the liquid is left on the granite surface for an extended amount of time, it may leave a dark spot behind it. This will fade as the granite dries, but if granite is properly sealed before installation, stains should not be a problem.

Does granite harbor bacteria?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are no current records that state granite has been noted as harboring bacteria. Granite is chosen to be used in the food industry as well as the medical field due because of its sanitary qualities. With regular cleaning and care, there is pretty much no chance that granite countertops will harbor bacteria and cause an illness. In fact, granite is far more sanitary than butcher block countertops and laminated materials.

What is the best way to clean my granite countertops?

Granite countertops are sealed prior to installation which guarantees that its beauty will last for a long time; however sealed granite still needs to be cleaned. Dish soap, powdered soap, and all-purpose cleaners that are approved for use with natural stone are all products that can be used on granite countertops without damaging them.

Are granite countertops expensive?

Granite countertops are an investment that should be made by homeowners who are remodeling a kitchen and looking for long-lasting materials to use. That being said, thanks to changing technology – granite is now very affordable. At Hard Rock Stone Works, we offer granite countertops in a wide variety of colors and price points.


Will granite countertops raise the value of my home?

Yes, granite countertops will raise the value of a home. This is due to the durability and long-lasting quality of the stone surface. Granite countertops are practically impenetrable and complement any decorative style which makes them an ultimate investment for years to come.


Why should I choose granite over other materials?

Granite is a top choice when it comes to countertops for industry professionals including architects, cabinetmakers, designers, and contractors which makes it an industry standard. Homeowners should be aware of what industry professionals are opting for when making their own decisions on remodeling projects. While it is a little pricier of an investment to make, installing granite countertops is a one-time job that will last for years and years without any need for repair or replacement.


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