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Magnificant Marble

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
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Marble is also known as the stone of emperors.

From temples to Roman bathhouses, this sleek yet indestructible stone has not only stood the test of time but continues to adorn the interiors of the elite to this day.

Nothing suggests the bygone grandeur of Roman spas quite like the marble bathroom, and thanks to today's technology, marble is even more amazing than ever before.

Hard Rock Stone Works is the leader in the fabrication & installation of natural stone and quartz countertops.

From full-blown floor-to-ceiling marbled rooms to others just lightly touched with its elegance, marble is a material that seamlessly adapts to the fancy tastes of the gentleman appointing it. Whether you’re looking to implement a marble bathtub or countertop or do the complete room, you’ll never have to worry about overdoing it where marble is concerned.

In the realm of marble, less may be more but more is most definitely better! A mixture of marble tile and concrete lends an industrial air to the otherwise old-fashioned bathroom, while black and white tiling keeps things on the nouveau vintage side. Sprawling or scaled-down, marble bathroom never overstay their welcome.

Bathrooms are personal pampering stations creating a retreat from the stressful outside world. If you've thought about enhancing your bathroom with the magnificence of marble, contact Hard Rock Stone Works, the industry leader in stone countertops. We design, deliver and install kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and custom countertops to all of the Detroit and Metropolitan areas. Call us today at (586) 251-0083 for a free estimate or reach out to us on our contact form.

Just remember, your dream home with natural stone is only a phone call away!


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