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Autumn 2017

September 22, 2017 marks the Autumnal Equinox.  Summer officially ends (though not in terms of weather) and for the second time this year, hours of daylight and darkness are the exact same length.  

Kids are back to school and crunch time begins, both with the sounds of fallen leaves as well as the rush to get those home projects done before the holiday block begins.  

Construction times to complete a project often get elongated due to unforeseen issues that could arise on the home front.  If you are looking to begin a whole remodel project, speak with one of our cabinetry design specialists to find out what kinds of time frame you should expect depending on the size of your project.  If you need a contractor, design inspiration, or testimonials, check out:

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Our teams of trained professionals are ready to assist, eager to design, and willing to install even the most challenging setups.  

Select directly from our large inventory of natural stone and have your appliances (sinks, faucets, water filtration systems, ranges, downdrafts, etc.) onsite for the fastest turnaround!

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Just remember, the weather may be screaming 85º, but the calendar tomorrow states “Autumn”.

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